You asked, and we’ve listened.

Over the last 48 hours, we’ve heard overwhelming feedback from you, our backers: you’d prefer a replaceable battery with the Sleep Pill. This is exactly the type of feedback, as engineers building the product, we want to hear. Thank you.

We’ve looked at the mechanical design of the Sleep Pill battery compartment and investigated our options to implement a replaceable battery. We are confident we can create an updated design that allows access to an off the shelf coin-cell battery, without changing the size or shape of the Sleep Pill.

Currently, we are verifying that we can still maintain the waterproof aspect of the Sleep Pill. We will have an update on this in the coming week as we continue to design, but initial tests are so far positive.

- Bryan, Mechanical Engineer

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What a day.

I’m pretty sure that most #1 Kickstarter updates start similarly, but I mean it when I say that at Hello we truly have been knocked off of our feet by the response we received today.

Sleep is absolutely crucial to every single one of us. Out of all the different things we do each day, it’s one of the few that we literally do every single day and it provides the foundation for absolutely everything else we do during that following day.

At Hello, we wanted to build Sense because we saw that the way people were currently looking at technology and sleep for consumers just didn’t feel right. We also knew that people care greatly about their sleep, but for most, they simply had not yet found something that was right for them.

When we started working on Sense, we didn’t want to design and build something that was just like any other piece of technology; we are so incredibly excited that the Kickstarter community agrees with us.

As we said when we started this campaign, we decided to be on Kickstarter because we wanted to build this product with your input and help. Over the past day we’ve heard you loud and clear on a few key issues. Our team is already taking a closer look at these and we will make sure we update all our backers, and potential backers, on these soon.

Over the coming weeks, other members of the team here Hello plan to take to Kickstarter to post campaign updates where they will dive deeper into parts of the Sense product and the work that’s gone on behind scenes. Whether it’s the Smart Alarm, Sleep Pill, or the amazing Industrial Design of Sense, we hope you’ll enjoy going deeper with us and learning more.

We appreciate your continued feedback and encourage you to keep it coming, as well as sharing the news of Sense with everyone you know!

From myself and the whole team at Hello, thank you.


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Hello, world.

Meet Sense.

We’re so excited to finally be able to show you what we’ve been working on here at Hello for a little while now.

We cannot wait to get it to you.

- James

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